Home Cooking for Body and Mind Health

One of the things I’m going to do with this site is share fun, delicious recipes I cobble together. I say “cobble together” because, like many, when I want to make something, I look up a bunch of different recipes and settle on what works for us.

I’m not doing this because I want to be a social media chef or write a cookbook or anything. It’s my little contribution (certainly not the first) to documenting home cooking as part of intentional living, to serve my wife and I, body and mind.

If you’re interested in how that candle got lit, please keep reading.

Weekly Dinner Plan
(Our Weekly Dinner Board)

“Eat whatever you want, but cook it yourself.”

I love this quote, and after a little googling found that it comes from journalist and author Michael Pollan. In summary, Mr. Pollan’s argues that home cooking has become frowned upon in modern Western society while “productivity” is lauded above all else. Food convenience (as in you can grab a pizza on the way home after working 12 hours, rather than making the pizza yourself at home from scratch) supports that, but leads to challenges like obesity, diabetes, and insulin resistance. Then you need to follow some diet that tells you to avoid fat or carbs, when to eat and when not to, etc. Those diets are only addressing the results of the problem, not the problem. It’s kind of madness.

Which my wife and I  are not immune to.

We’ve always cooked at home but we certainly enjoy going out to eat. Who doesn’t? It’s minimal effort, gets you out of the house, and can feel special–especially on celebratory occasions. Rich food, calorie-dense drinks. What’s not to love?

But. As someone who already loves cooking and is living a more intentional, slow life, “Eat whatever you want, but cook it yourself,” speaks to me. Rather than strictly following Keto, Carnivore, Mediterranean, or any other programs, we can use common sense + making breads and treats from scratch, eliminating dyes, preservatives, gums, etc. Using my time to plan, prepare, and cook delicious food for my wife and I rather than spinning that time into the ether on Instagram and/or Netflix binging, while being mindful of what ingredients go into our food? No. Brainer.

DISCLAIMER – You might not be buying what I’m saying about dedicating time to cooking. That’s fair. I’m not trying to convince you, just give you some things to think about that I’ve been considering. And, of course, it is wonderful that people who, for instance, work multiple jobs, can get sustenance for themselves and their families. No arguments there, though we should probably think about a world in which people have to work multiple jobs in the first place just to stay above water.

Anyway, I hope you look forward to my recipes! First one will be my sourdough bread. Because of course it will, lol.

Thanks for reading.

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